Robert S. McDowell

Bob McDowell photo, with partially obscured 'Myokardia' logo in background

I have over three decades of experience discovering small molecule drugs in cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and oncology, with seven compounds advancing into clinical trials. I was an integral part of MyoKardia since its inception in 2012, having served as Senior Vice President of Drug Discovery through October 2017, when I was promoted to Chief Scientific Officer. I led the discovery teams for mavacamten and danicamtiv, MyoKardia’s first two clinical-stage programs. In November 2020, MyoKardia was acquired by Bristol Meyers Squibb. 

Prior to joining MyoKardia, I led drug discovery at 3-V Biosciences, advancing the company's lead program into development. I previously served as vice president of research at Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, where I oversaw drug discovery, translational research and manufacturing functions. I led the structural chemistry group at Axys Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Axys, I was a senior scientist at Genentech, where I developed successful strategies for peptidomimetic design. 

I have authored more than 40 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and I am an inventor on more than 170 issued US patents.   


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