New Study from the Liu Laboratory

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An exciting new study by CureHeart PI David Liu and researcher Smriti Pandey has managed to insert a full gene sized edit into the the genome of cells with unprecedented efficiency, using an evolution of their Prime editing technique called eePASSIGE. The application of this technology could pave the way for replacement of truncated genes in inherited cardiomyopathies. Whilst delivery to the heart may be some way off, it is an exciting advancement in gene editing technology and we hope could potentially benefit patients in the future.

For more information you can read the press release on the Broad Website here:  Improved prime editing system makes gene-sized edits in human cells at therapeutic levels | Broad Institute

The full paper can be found on the Nature Biomedical Engineering website here: Efficient site-specific integration of large genes in mammalian cells via continuously evolved recombinases and prime editing | Nature Biomedical Engineering